Albert Menes Myrtille Blueberry Jam 280g

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Albert Ménès's extra wild myrtille blueberry jam is made from whole myrtille berries which have been chosen for their strong fruity yet sweet flavour and their stunning, almost black colour. The wild myrtilles are picked just when they become ripe, from small subshrubs measuring under 60cm tall that are found in undergrowth. They are then cooked whole in a copper cauldron pot. 

May well be used both in sweet as well as savoury dishes. Can also be used in baking recipes. Why not try adding some to your fruit crumbles, blueberry pies, muffins or panna cotta! This jam is also very popular in Sweden where it is often used to sweeten cottage cheese. For savoury ideas, this wild blueberry jam also goes very well with cheese or game-based dishes.

Blueberry, sugar, fruit pectin.